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New Zealand

Bluestone was established in Australia in 2000 and New Zealand in 2002 as a residential mortgage lender. Since launching, we have developed a reputation in the industry as a high quality and innovative specialist lender delivering an award-winning range of loan products to many satisfied customers. Our range of loans aims to provide flexible loan solutions to those who fall outside traditional lenders’ criteria – helping more customers, more often.

Our Products


Our variable rates range from
6.39% – 9.99%


Our fixed rates range from
6.69% – 10.39%

Fees and Charges

Your interest rate is dependent on your individual circumstance, LVR and loan product selected. The default rate is calculated by adding 3% to the interest rate applicable to the loan at the time. Legal fees from $600; $500 establishment fee; 1% interest rate loading on investment properties.

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