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Debt Consolidation

Do your customers have business or personal debts they’re trying to pay off?

If you have customers that are feeling overwhelmed, debt consolidation may help them find relief and take control of their finances. 

By consolidating their debts into their home loan, they may be able to save money, reduce stress and simplify multiple debts into a single payment each month. 

Up to $100,000 Debt Consolidation on personal, business loans and credit cards

Unlimited debt consolidation on personal and business loans, credit cards, private lenders and tax debt.

Case Study

$140,000 in unsecured debt and credit file enquiries

We helped the customer reduce their repayments across seven unsecured facilities into their home loan, getting them back on track financially.

By helping the customers before they fell into arrears, we were able to give them competitive pricing and save them having to look at hardship plans with their current lenders.

What made this deal unique or challenging?

The customer had multiple unsecured debts to consolidate. They had accumulated debt by renovating their home and were now struggling to keep up to date with all the payments. They also had multiple inquiries on their credit file within the last 12 months.

How did we help the customer?

We were able to consolidate all seven unsecured facilities totalling $140,000 into one new loan to help the customer get back on top of their repayments.

The customer was offered a Near Prime home loan with no risk fees.

The customer was so grateful to their broker for helping them get back on the path to financial freedom.

Debt Consolidation Calculator

Our debt consolidation calculator lets you see how much a customer can reduce their payments when they consolidate their current debt into one easy to manage loan.

Use our calculator to determine which product is best suited to your clients based on their credit history and overarching financial situation.

Comparison Calculator.


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