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Celebrating the Richness of Diversity at Bluestone

Celebrating the richness of diversity at Bluestone

At Bluestone, we recognise talent, appreciate ambition and reward results. There are no glass ceilings or barriers to success here, as long as your heart’s in your work. Our people come to work knowing that whoever they are, wherever they’re from and whatever stage they’re at in their life and career, you’ll be welcomed and supported to succeed. 

For International Women’s Day 2022 we’re sharing insights into Bluestone’s diverse and inclusive culture, from some of the amazing women who are helping our business thrive.

Sue Griffiths, Head of Sales NZ

Bluestone’s work environment has given me the confidence to be able to table bold suggestions, think dynamically and embrace challenges. 

We have a fantastically diverse team from New Zealand, to Australia, to Manila, and we all share our customs, traditions and celebrations. Especially in this time when we’ve been unable to travel, this has made us feel more worldly and able to reach a wider audience through understanding. We continue to learn from each other – without a doubt, our diversity has brought us all closer.

Ebony Maxwell, Regional Sales Manager 

Simply put, your achievements drive career progression at Bluestone, not who you are. Bluestone is all about giving everybody the same opportunities and training and development to improve in their role, and advance their career as far as possible.

I’ve managed to keep advancing in my career over the seven years I’ve been at Bluestone. I hope that all companies start following suit because we need more women in leadership positions across the board! 

Elizabeth Stephenson, Training Manager

Throughout my many years working for Bluestone, I have always felt supported in whatever I have done. All my direct managers have believed in my skills and knowledge to do a great job. 

I am given the freedom to do whatever I think is right, which empowers me to push myself to do things I might not have thought possible. As an example, thanks to the trust placed in me by the business, I’ve had the confidence and resources to shape the role I am currently in. I’ve even been able to develop a training programme that has been a big success and seen eight of our new Underwriters secure their DLA (Delegated Learning Authority) in the last 12 months!

Melissa Stephenson, Marketing Coordinator NZ

Not only does Bluestone celebrate cultural diversity, but gender diversity as well. The male/female employee split is noticeably fair, my male colleagues have been nothing but extremely collaborative and we have a great deal of successful, admirable women at Bluestone who have really paved the way for employees like myself. 

I’ve always felt acknowledged and respected here which directly impacts on my motivation and output. I’ve been given opportunities to upskill, recognised and rewarded for my hard work and been involved in the decision making process. 

Jane Crampsey, Workplace Technology Lead

Technology is typically a male-orientated industry, but I have never felt like Bluestone discriminates in any way when it comes to hiring. Women are given the same opportunities as men in all areas. 

In fact, I knew from the minute I walked into the building back in September 2019 that this was different to the places I had worked at before. Bluestone aims to get to know everyone on a personal level, regardless of their culture and background and offers a welcoming and inclusive workplace. All ideas and suggestions are appreciated and considered and there are no ‘dumb’ questions. I have always felt like anything is possible here. 

Kerry Sheehan – Chief Risk Officer

It’s no secret when you look across the industry that as you start to progress up the management hierarchy, the presence of women in the top positions decreases. I have had mixed experience in the Financial Services industry but I’m glad to say that my experience of being a female executive at Bluestone has been hugely positive.

I think that what Bluestone values is authenticity and people bringing their true self to work. In that sense, I can be someone who is the CRO, a mentor, a friend, a team member, a manager and a mother. Rather than trying to ‘be like the men’ I work with, I can focus on being the best version of myself and know that that will be genuinely valued here.

We love hearing our people say they feel like the sky’s the limit for them here. Our diverse spirit makes space for everyone at Bluestone, and that’s the way it should be. Happy International Women’s Day!

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