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Mortgage Monthly Totals

Req'd Repayment: {{ this.mortgages.monthlyRepayments.toLocaleString("en-AU", {style:"currency", currency:"AUD"}) }}
Interest: {{ this.mortgages.interest.toLocaleString("en-AU", {style:"currency", currency:"AUD"}) }}
Fees: {{ this.mortgages.fees.toLocaleString("en-AU", {style:"currency", currency:"AUD"}) }}
Monthly Total: {{ (this.mortgages.monthlyRepayments + this.mortgages.fees).toLocaleString("en-AU", {style:"currency", currency:"AUD"}) }}

Other Monthly Totals

Req'd Repayment: {{ this.others.monthlyRepayments.toLocaleString("en-AU", {style:"currency", currency:"AUD"}) }}
Interest: {{ this.others.interest.toLocaleString("en-AU", {style:"currency", currency:"AUD"}) }}
Fees: {{ this.others.fees.toLocaleString("en-AU", {style:"currency", currency:"AUD"}) }}
Monthly Total: {{ (this.others.monthlyRepayments + this.others.fees).toLocaleString("en-AU", {style:"currency", currency:"AUD"}) }}

Cards Monthly Totals

Req'd Repayment: {{ this.cards.monthlyRepayments.toLocaleString("en-AU", {style:"currency", currency:"AUD"}) }}
Interest: {{ this.cards.interest.toLocaleString("en-AU", {style:"currency", currency:"AUD"}) }}
Fees: {{ this.cards.fees.toLocaleString("en-AU", {style:"currency", currency:"AUD"}) }}
Monthly Total: {{ (this.cards.monthlyRepayments + this.cards.fees).toLocaleString("en-AU", {style:"currency", currency:"AUD"}) }}


Repayments Current w/ Bluestone Savings
Monthly {{ monthlyRepaymentsTotal.toLocaleString("en-AU", {style:"currency", currency:"AUD"}) }} {{ bluestoneRepaymentsMonthly.toLocaleString("en-AU", {style:"currency", currency:"AUD"}) }}
Annual {{ (monthlyRepaymentsTotal * 12).toLocaleString("en-AU", {style:"currency", currency:"AUD"}) }} {{ (bluestoneRepaymentsMonthly * 12).toLocaleString("en-AU", {style:"currency", currency:"AUD"}) }}

This calculator is intended as a guide only and is not to be considered as an offer of finance by Bluestone nor is it a recommendation or opinion in relation to the relevant products. It does not take into account your personal financial situation or goals. Calculated figures are based on the accuracy of the information entered. Interest rates are subject to change without notice. Bluestone's home loan lending criteria, terms and conditions apply. Fees and other costs may also apply.